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We offer a diverse range of services and products of various industries, particularly in the realm of heavy-duty equipment and gas processing facilities at very competitive prices.
Gas Delivery System

We offer a diverse range of gas delivery system components and equipment to cater to different industries and applications. This could include gas cylinders, storage tanks, pressure regulators, valves, piping, fittings, and safety equipment. At Green Planet, we work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide customized gas delivery system solutions tailored to their needs. This might involve designing and engineering systems that integrate seamlessly into their existing infrastructure. 

Gas Generator

At Green Planet, we offer high-quality generators and parts from reputable manufacturers. Oil and gas operations demand reliable equipment that can withstand harsh conditions and provide consistent performance. We stock diverse range of generators and parts to cater to the varying needs of oil and gas companies. This may include different sizes and capacities of generators, as well as a comprehensive selection of spare parts and accessories. We work closely with oil and gas companies to understand their specific requirements and provide customized generator solutions tailored to their needs.

OEM Spares Stockist

At Green Planet we store a wide range of OEM Spare from reputable Original Equipment Manufactures such as CAT, Sullair, Ariel, Teco-westinghouse, Perkins, Rollair, California Air Tools and  Atlas Copco.

We realise that access to spares in a prompt and timely manner is critical to the maintenance and continued operation of most Oil and Gas, and manufacturing industries. 

Our expansive inventory of spares are held in our warehouses in Ras-Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone. 

From this location, we provide support to our teaming clientele base in the GCC Region, Asia, Europe and Africa.


We stock a a wide range of generator accessories, parts, and spares to meet the diverse needs of offshore companies. This may include items such as filters, belts, hoses, spark plugs, alternators, control panels, and other components necessary for generator maintenance and repair. Offshore environments can be harsh and demanding, so it's crucial to provide durable and reliable accessories and parts that can withstand challenging conditions.

Purifier and Filter

We supply high-quality purifiers and filters that are designed to effectively remove contaminants from oil, gas, and other fluids used in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Ensure that your products meet industry standards and are capable of withstanding the harsh conditions encountered in oil and gas production environments. his may include particulate filters, coalescers, separators, membranes, and other filtration technologies designed for different fluid types and contaminant levels.

Flow Device

We design and supply high-quality flow devices from reputable manufacturers. Oil and gas operations require precise and reliable measurement equipment to monitor flow rates accurately, so it's essential to provide products that meet stringent quality standards. We provide a comprehensive range of flow devices to cater to different applications and requirements within the oil and gas industry. This may include flow meters, flow sensors, flow switches, and other instrumentation suitable for various fluids and operating conditions.

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